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  1. RUI SANTOS says:

    bem estou sem palavras….só acções…..LELA,é divina……ADORO-TE LELA STAR…..és linda,um corpo excelente,um rostinho tão apetitoso,so apetece dar beijos…..bem…enfim….uma ´so palavra descreve tudo…EXCELENTE…..

  2. Santina Anttila says:

    nice 🙂

  3. Kari Maenpaa says:


    Most inspired and excited I have been because your film “tease me, then please me”. That is the best clip I have ever seen during my entire life. THANK YOU.
    Can I ask, what is brand name of your dress in that film ? I want to buy one for my wife. She is little bit similar than you, short, having similar tattoo in her back, brest are smaller never mind. Thank You again.

  4. Marcus E. says:

    Just wanted to say, you are awesome i love you and respect you. Of all the porn star stars you are the hottest. It would be an honor just to see you, to hear you, or to feel your presence. I love what you do, mad props, keep on keep’n on, go on with your bad self My grandsons will know the passion that is, Lela Star. You are the star that guides my ship.

  5. Al says:

    Hi. Is is true you will be in Warsaw/Poland 17.11.2012 for Bukkake Party?

  6. muemo says:

    i am very impresed of you babe

  7. muemo says:

    you are from heaven

  8. ridvan says:

    hello lela star im interested for you

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